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  • Fun and motivating approach
    Engaging, story-based methodology with songs, characters and stories that both children and teachers will love.
  • Pupil’s App
    Pupils will be motivated by the gamified language practice within an immersive, 3D environment.
  • Carefully staged video lessons
    Carefully staged video lessons
    Every unit contains lessons with videos that bring learning to life, including:

Animated stories
Cross-curricular videos
Culture videos
Song videos

  • Resources for mixed-ability classrooms
    A variety of reinforcement material to cater for different abilities, including an Essential Activity Book, Grammar Reference, a wide range of digital resources and a progress tracker.
  • Guided communication
    Children develop confidence and communicative competence through carefully scaffolded, fun activities that motivate learning.
  • Easy-to-use projects
    Tiger Tasks are ready-made and carefully staged projects that integrate language, skills and cross-curricular content. 



Carol Read is a teacher, teacher trainer and materials writer with over 30 years experience in ELT. Her main specialisation is in early years and primary language teaching. Carol’s publications include award-winning titles such as 500 Activities in the Primary Classroom, Bugs and Tiger. Her latest publication is a new pre-school course, Big Wheel. Carol is a former President of IATEFL.

Carol Read

Mark Ormerod is an EFL teacher specialising in primary education.  He is interested in using drama and mini dialogues to develop children’s confidence and language skills. Mark was Head of Macmillan’s Teacher Training Department from 2001 to 2005.  He has subsequently gone on to write teaching resources for Macmillan Education. He is co-author of the Primary course books Find Out! (with Donna Shaw), Tiger (with Carol Read) and most recently Heroes (with Emma Mohamed). He has also written several of Macmillan’s Children’s Readers, as well as the holiday workbook series, Holiday World.

Mark Ormerod



Navio: The digital solution for teaching and learning English.

Pupils personalise their own avatar before becoming immersed in a 3D world that they discover as they complete activities in English, gaining rewards and knowledge as they go, accompanied by their avatar guides. With intuitive navigation and a gamified environment, pupils are motivated to progress through the levels.

Teachers enjoy a seamless transition between the course book and digital teaching activities, with the option to track both individual and class progress and allocating additional rewards and points. With both online and offline access to the Macmillan Education Teacher’s App.

Families feel reassured knowing that children are practising English in a safe and enjoyable digital environment, strengthening the home-school connection.

What do real teachers, families and pupils think?




Ready for any scenario

The ways in which we teach and learn are continually evolving, making not just what we teach but how we teach more important than ever. In class, at home, or mixed modality, Macmillan Education can provide you with the 360º print, digital and service to meet your teaching needs.

Flexible learning solutions

Get the most out of your course with material that fits any teaching or learning scenario.

  • Classic print books full of engaging stories and characters.
  • Pupil’s eBook (levels 1 & 2)- your classic coursebook experience – in an intuitive format with audio and video.
  • Interactive Digital Activity Books (all levels) and Digital Pupil’s Books (levels 3 – 6) providing a rich, customisable learning experience – compatible with your school platform.
  • Pupil’s App on NAVIO with interactive activities in an immersive 3D world.
  • Online-offline Macmillan Education Teacher’s App:
      Classroom Presentation Kit
      Progress Tracker with automatic marking and reward system
      Resource Bank with multimedia conten
     – Test Generator
  • Extra resources with Advantage.

First rate technical support

  • Digital welcome pack with quick-start online training + intuitive tutorial videos to get started with your new digital materials.
  • Support for multiple operating systems and devices.
  • Fast and friendly customer service via our free digital support phone-line with callback service + our FAQs website.

The Macmillan Education Promise

To help you teach confidently in any scenario, we provide ongoing professional development webinars, instructional videos and blogs on our website and via Advantage.

  • Online expert training in a wide range of teaching skills.
  • Rapid access to customised digital solutions for remote teaching.
  • Access to additional resources for use in class.

How New Tiger helps you create an inclusive learning environment

We know each learner has different strengths and weaknesses, and learns best in different ways. In order to build on individual capabilities, helping students to learn and teachers to create an inclusive learning environment, each of our courses provides a range of components and methodology that helps you to meet the needs of everyone in your classroom.


  • New Tiger has been designed to cater for the inclusion of pupils of all abilities.
  • As well as the reinforcement and extension worksheets, this course has a choice of two activity books: the Activity Book and Essential Activity Book.
  • Both include the same contents and language, but the latter places greater emphasis on receptive skills.
  • The message of inclusion is reinforced visually by featuring coursebook characters from diverse ethnic backgrounds, and the ‘Culture’ sections promote familiarity with other cultures and comparison with pupils’ own culture.


  • Activity Book / Essentials Activity Book: the option of two Activity Books, one standard and one with a greater emphasis on receptive skills for pupils who need more reinforcement and consolidation, allows teachers to choose which version is more suitable for each learner.



  • Reinforcement and Extension worksheets help challenge more-able learners and support less-able learners.




  • Extension materials (in Advantage) also help challenge learners with higher ability levels.





Want some additional practical tips and ideas on how to create an inclusive learning environment? Visit our Únicos page, where a range of experts share their experience and offer practical advice.





This Around the world with Tiger! game aims to develop pupils’ awareness and knowledge of cultures in countries around the world where English is spoken.

Play with New Tiger

Play with New Tiger


Have a look at a unit of New Tiger to see how it can improve your classes.

Coursebook Resources

Additional resources to supplement your coursebook: videos, audio files, flashcards, worksheets… giving you endless options for adapting your classes to you and your students’ needs.

Resource Hub

A wealth of articles, videos, tips and practical classroom activities to give your classes that personal touch. Click below to see a sample of some of the tools you will have access to.

And much more…

Exclusive tools and resources to make the most of your classes and give you the support you need.