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Get to know Big Wheel

A 3-level pre-primary English course that gives teachers the flexibility they need in their classes.


Big Wheel is a LOMLOE-compliant pre-primary course with engaging topics, adorable characters and rich video content including animated stories and songs, pupils’ learning becomes both effective and enjoyable.

Now with new press-out activities and a Giant Board Game floor mat!

New for the 2024-25 school year





They think they’re playing. We know they’re learning


Total flexibility

A Hop on Hop off approach that allows you to teach the units in the order that suits you.

Engaging videos

Animated stories and story songs with adorable characters and real life Culture and Speaking videos mean you’ll have plenty of material to get pupils listening to authentic English.

Social & Emotional Learning

Values lessons that help you to keep your class’ wellbeing at the heart of their learning.

Easy-to-use projects

Projects are a great way to engage learners, but can be tricky and time-consuming. Not these carefully staged, optional projects!

Teaching support

Everything you need and more: a comprehensive Teacher’s Guide, extra activities, digital content, teaching tips from the author herself and a unique Adaptation Pack.



Flexibility: Big Wheel’s innovative flexibitity facilitates a holistic approach to learning. Teachers can hop on and teach the units in the order they appear or they can hop off and teach the topic units in the order they wish.

With the standard and PLUS versions teachers can easily adjust the material to suit the number of hours and expected learner outcomes.

Meet the Author

Carol Read

The award-winning young learners’ expert guarantees a sound pedagogy combined with practical and innovative content that simply works in the classroom.

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Introducing Big Wheel Plus

The same flexible ‘Hop on Hop off’ approach, but with extra content.


With two versions of Big Wheel to choose from, teachers can decide which option best meets their learners’ needs according to their learning goals and the number of hours of English. A perfect way to prepare children for Bilingual Education.

Now with new press-out activities and a Giant Board Game floor mat!

New for the 2024-25 school year

What additional content can you find in Big Wheel Plus?


  • 2 extra units on a range of fun and engaging topics like Space, the Seaside and Bugs!
  • 3 extra lessons per unit: Vocabulary, Language and Content
  • More vocabulary practice to support increased output.
  • More language practice to boost production.
  • A content lesson exploring a cross-curricular area.
  • 1 project at the end of every unit with templates and a bank of  ideas for teachers.
  • Values and Culture lessons integrated into each unit.


Take a look inside!

Explore one of Big Wheel Plus’ extra lessons: Level 1, Space

Compare and contrast

If you’d like to take a look at Big Wheel alongside Big Wheel Plus, visit our Sample Material section.

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Big Wheel is LOMLOE-ready

Everything you need to meet the requirements of the new educational law.


At Macmillan Education we have accompanied teachers through several education reforms, and the changes brought in with the LOMLOE will be no exception. As experts in education and leaders and investigation and innovation, we constantly strive to be by your side with the materials you need.


How does Big Wheel make sure that you are all set for the LOMLOE?


Competency-based learning

Big Wheel works on both Key Competences and Specific Foreign Language Competences. All units include activities to work on the main areas of this educational stage: growth in harmony, discovery and exploration of the environment, and communication and representation of reality.

Learning situations

All Big Wheel Units culminate with an enjoyable and motivating project with learning situations that encourage pupils to work creatively and cooperatively through simple and achievable tasks that require basic materials and reinforce their self-esteem, autonomy, critical spirit and responsibility. In addition, the Programaciones link these situations to values, SDGs and cross-curricular content.

Formative Assessment

Big Wheel includes multiple formative assessment tools, such as the ‘Review’ sections at the end of each unit, as well as the ‘I can …’ statements at the end of the ‘Review’ section. The Programaciones also offer Evaluation Rubrics for each unit, as well as general Evaluation Criteria Rubrics.


See for yourself how Big Wheel responds to all of the LOMLOE requirements!

Want to know more about the new law?

Check out our LOMLOE website where you’ll find all the information you need as well as a dedicated helpdesk where we’ll respond to any queries you may have.


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Everything your pupils need to enjoy learning

Print and digital materials that make learning engaging and fun.


Each component of this course helps your pupils develop emotional, social, physical and creative capacities while working towards language and academic objectives.

Pupil’s Book

A full-colour coursebook full of engaging stories with animated videos and age-appropriate activities that help children to develop their motor skills.

With new press-out activities! New for the 2024-25 school year

All levels offer full-colour press-outs for hands-on learning your pupils will love.

imagen Kids Can!

Unit Tour:

Have a look at a unit of Big Wheel to see how it can improve your classes.


Pupil’s App on Navio

An immersive 3D world in which learners can create their own avatars and are motivated to explore, practicing and reviewing acquired language through gamified activities.

imagen Kids Can!

  • Games and rewards.
  • Songs and animated songs.
  • Animated stories.
  • Real world videos.


Ready to teach in any scenario

Digital solutions that make teaching and learning even easier.


Big Wheel’s digital tools help you plan and deliver your lessons, and enhance learning as pupils improve their communicative, collaborative and digital competences.


For Teachers

Everything you need in one place

Whatever your digital literacy level, whatever your teaching style, device, connectivity or class setup, you will have the flexibility to teach the way you want.

From correcting homework assignments to tracking individual and whole class progress and projecting a wide range of extra material in class to engage learners, you will be ready for any scenario.


Kids Can!


MEE, your platform for innovative content, tools and resources

Enhance your lessons and make your classes even more engaging!  Macmillan Education Teacher App can help you to achieve  a seamless transition between your coursebook and interactive digital activities.


For Pupils & Families

Create a home-school link in a safe and motivating environment.

Motivation is the key to learning but not always easy to achieve. Encourage learning taking into account the interest and hobbies of today’s children and teenagers through content that adapts to their evolving needs at each stage of their learning. All within a completely safe and user-friendly learning environment.


Navio: They think they’re playing. We know they’re learning

The Pupil’s App offers an immersive 3D world in which learners can create their own avatars and are motivated to explore, practicing and reviewing acquired language through gamified activities in order to gain points. Whether in class or at home, children can track their own progress and families can rest assured that they are learning in a safe environment.



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Why use a coursebook?

Sound methodology and high quality materials that meet your needs.


Big Wheel has been designed to give you total freedom and flexibility so you can meet the needs of your class. The ‘Hop on & Hop’ off approach allows you to teach the units in the order that suits you and align the topics with other parts of the curriculum.


How coursebooks enhance learning

  • A meaningful, motivating context offers familiarity and helps children to build confidence in English.
  • Course characters, stories, songs, videos and worksheets are all integrated to cement learning and help children make connections.
  • Competences such as social and emotional learning, learning to learn, values, critical and creative thinking and citizenship are built into the content to ensure personal and academic development.

imagen Kids Can!

How coursebooks support teaching

imagen Kids Can!

  • Your real needs are met thanks to content developed through ongoing research with real teachers
  • A carefully structured curriculum saves you time in lesson planning, without restricting the flexibility you need to teach.
  • Handy teaching components such as the Teacher’s Book and Adaptation Pack offer you useful advice and tips to make the most of your lessons.
  • A wide range of print and digital resources mean you’ll never be without the tools you need to motivate your class.
  • Access to additional resources such as Advantage, the exclusive platform for Macmillan Education users means you will always have what you need to hand, from extra worksheets to current legislations and documentation.

Why coursebooks are popular with families?

  • A home-school link is created as families have the option to support their child’s learning and follow their progress.
  • The Pupil’s App on Navio offers a motivating, secure environment for children to practice English with at home.

imagen Kids Can!

Total flexibility to decide how to get your pupils using English

A variety of print and digital materials with engaging topics, lovable characters and memorable songs.


New Giant Board Game

imagen Kids Can!

New for the 2024-25 school year

A fun Floor Mat that acts as a giant Game Board and includes a digital kit with everything you need to enhance active learning through play.

Teacher’s Book

Your trustworthy guide to getting the most out of Big Wheel and make learning more fun and engaging.

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Audio CDs

imagen Kids Can!

With stories, songs, chants, games, traditional rhymes and dialogues.

Flashcards and Story Cards

With images and comprehension questions to facilitate teacher-pupil interaction.

imagen Kids Can!

Class Puppet

imagen Kids Can!

A soft puppet of the adorable main character, Mimi, that children can relate to and can be involved in different activities.

Wheel Mat

An original and versatile element that can be used on the classroom floor or wall to play vocabulary games using flashcards or toys for full-class engagement.

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Digital for teachers

Choose the digital tools that suit you best.

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Navio ‘Tap and Teach’
Engage the class by exploring immersive 3D worlds with personalisable avatars and carry out gamified activities.

  • Tap & Teach lessons.
  • Language games and rewards.
  • Posters.
  • Story Cards and animated stories.
  • Songs.
  • Real world videos.

imagen Kids Can!

New MEE digital platform
With a page-faithful view of the Pupil’s Book with integrated audio, video and activities, and everything you need to enhance learning.



Download sample material from Big Wheel and try it for yourself. We’re confident you will love what you find!


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