➔ Everything you need for increased English sessions in Pre-Primary

• Story-driven, topic-based methodology, packed with videos and songs


• Innovative flexible design lets you “hop on and hop off” and teach the unit topics in any order


• Collaborative projects for every unit topic: easy-to-use, carefully staged and simple to extend further


• Hands-on activities including: stickers, cut-outs, craft activities, Language Games Mat

• NAVIO Teacher’s App: supports your preferred teaching style in the classroom, to help with circle time and setting up activities well


• NAVIO Pupil’s App: songs, stories and games for parents and children to enjoy English at home


• Magic Phonics: songs, videos and activities to support you using Synthetic Phonics


• Teacher’s Book with Activity Bank section full of extra ideas and activities


• Teaching Tip videos introduce practical ideas with award-winning author Carol Read


• Access to extra resources for Pre-Primary on Macmillan Advantage

➔ Everything you need to build a firm foundation for English in Primary

• Early exposure to real English language through child-friendly characters and stories builds skills, confidence and cultural understanding from a very young age


Vocabulary syllabus and topics designed to lay a solid foundation for Primary English and Bilingualism


Animated stories and fun activities to practise comprehension


• Songs, chants, routines and dialogues to practise listening, speaking and pronunciation


Picture Dictionary


• Optional Adaptation Pack for Pre-Primary starters helps give a gentle introduction to learning English

➔ Everything you need to develop life skills and competences

Projects introduce aspects of Cooperative Learning and encourage creativity and personalisation


• Social and Emotional learning, values and life skills are integrated in each unit to help prepare children for interacting with others in class and in the wider world


• Mimi and her family expose girls and boys to diverse role models


Culture videos introduce children to aspects of British culture and promote curiosity and understanding about different countries and cultures


Digital resources and multimedia support introducing digital competences

pupil’s book

WITH access to pupil’s app on navio and stickers

pupil’s book

WITH access to pupil’s app on navio and stickers

pupil’s book

WITH access to pupil’s app on navio and stickers



This Adaptation Pack is a bank of activities and ideas to help you as a teacher to support children in this initial transition period from home to school

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