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In an increasingly global world and in the midst a technological revolution that offers more and more instant gratification, the benefits of reading in English for teens and adults are more important than ever.

Reading improves concentration and memory, increases fluency (both written and spoken), broadens knowledge and vocabulary, encourages critical thinking skills and promotes empathy.

From the age-old classics to graded contemporary literature, the Macmillan readers selection has something to inspire every kind reader!

Macmillan Readers, love to Read


With over 180 titles in the series, Macmillan Readers include retold versions of popular classics as well as contemporary fiction and non-fiction titles. Most books are available with Audio CDs and as eBooks and include accompanying exercises and glossaries. More information about our Readers is available in the Readers catalogue.

Macmillan Cultural Readers


Macmillan Cultural Readers are factual Readers focusing on countries of the world, and include chapters on history, traditions, daily life, cities, nature and sport. These colour-rich, photographic titles encourage readers to interact with and explore the text through handy fact boxes.


All the support you need for your classes, as well as tools and resources for your professional development.

  • Readers resources: Worksheets, answer keys, points of understanding and tests.

  • Teacher’s Corner+: Articles, videos, tips and practical classroom activities.


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If you’re using one of our secondary courses, have a look at the Perfect Reads section on the Macmillan Readers website to see which Graded Readers can be used to enhance your students’ learning alongside these courses.