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A fun, cultural and informative series of readers.

Divided into six levels for children from six to twelve years old.

  • Macmillan Children’s Readers reinforce the basic structures and vocabulary found in most Primary courses and make learning English a fun and informative experience.
  • The blend of ‘Fact Files’ and topical fiction stories in levels three to six motivates the older children and appeals to boys and girls equally.
  • A picture dictionary or wordlist and corresponding activity pages at the back of each reader provide a clear guide for learning key vocabulary.


The accompanying audio on our website give children a chance to listen to the stories while they read them.

Macmillan Readers, love to Read

Macmillan Readers (A1-B2)

With over 180 titles in the series, Macmillan Readers include retold versions of popular classics as well as contemporary fiction and non-fiction titles. Most books are available with Audio CDs and as eBooks and include accompanying exercises and glossaries. More information about our Readers is available in the Readers catalogue.

Macmillan Readers, love to Read

Macmillan Readers (A2-B2)

Macmillan Cultural Readers are factual Readers focusing on countries of the world, and include chapters on history, traditions, daily life, cities, nature and sport. These colour-rich, photographic titles encourage readers to interact with and explore the text through handy fact boxes.

Macmillan Readers, love to Read.

Macmillan Literature Collections (C2)

This advanced-level series contains original short stories written by famous classic and modern writers. All collections are designed to help ease students’ transition from Graded Readers to authentic reading and include substantial support material for each story. By reading authentic literature, students will enjoy the feeling that they are finally reading and studying literature just as it was written.


Online resources for Macmillan Readers 

With one click of a button, the Macmillan Readers website gives you access to a huge range of teaching resources that can be used to enhance the extensive reading programme in your school.

Resources for teachers and students include: 

  • Interactive level test for students
  • Using Graded Readers in the Classroom guide 
  • Answer keys, tests, audio and chapter samples
  • Exam practice and academic worksheets
  • Creative writing resources and the Book Corner Club
  • Tests, worksheets and answer keys
  • Articles, interviews and reviews
  • Competitions for schools

If you’re using one of our secondary courses, have a look at the Perfect Reads section on the Macmillan Readers website to see which Graded Readers can be used to enhance your students’ learning alongside these courses.