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Great Communicators, Great Learners, Great Thinkers.

The English course for teachers who want to teach more than just language.  

  • Ensure exam success with a tried and tested methodology combined with brand new content:
    Written by best-selling author and teacher David Spencer and powered by the highly successful “Gateway formula”, Great Thinkers offers brand new content for today’s teenagers and external exam practice activities throughout the course. The Exam Trainer in the Workbook offers additional support with exam strategies to guarantee best performance.
  • Motivate students with exposure to real-world content and offers a unique Virtual Classroom Exchange experience to facilitate project work with students around the world:
    Immerse students in culturally diverse, real-world content through Reading, Listening and Culture Exchange texts. The Virtual Classroom Exchange provides them with an opportunity for meaningful communication and a rewarding intercultural experience while improving their digital competence.
  • Prepare great learners and great thinkers with the competences they need to improve the world around them:
    The Great Learners, Great Thinkers sections of the coursebook support students in developing the emotional intelligence and critical thinking skills they need to create a sustainable future as global citizens.
  • Give teenagers the opportunity to explore and engage in inclusive content:
    Literature analysis in the Student’s Book, and STEAM content in the Workbook, encourage students to engage with a variety of enriching cross-curricular areas, while reflecting on equity and equality.
  • The fully flexible digital offer, including a new Online Assessment tool and Student’s App, meets your needs in different teaching contexts:
    The Student’s App includes gamified activities to make language practice easy and enjoyable, and allows students to do their homework on their preferred devices. The Online Assessment tool enables you to evaluate your students digitally.


Alignment with the LOMLOE
At Macmillan Education we strive to be by your side with the materials you need, that’s why all of our courses meet the requirements of the LOMLOE, and we have created an area with useful information and a LOMLOE Help Desk here.


“Great thinkers become great learners!”

Dave Spencer began writing Secondary courses for Macmillan Education in 1994. He is the author of the award-winning secondary series Gateway and Gateway 2nd Edition as well as the new 7-level course for teenagers Great Thinkers. Dave is also a Teacher Trainer and has given talks to teachers in over 28 countries. Dave combines all this with his job as a Secondary school English teacher in Madrid.

Great Thinkers is LOMLOE-ready.

Not convinced? See for yourself how it responds to all of the LOMLOE requirements.

Want to know more about the new law?

Check out our LOMLOE website where you’ll find all the information you need as well as a dedicated helpdesk where we’ll respond to any queries you may have.

Download “Discover the LOMLOE” infograph.

How Great Thinkers helps you create an inclusive learning environment

We know each learner has different strengths and weaknesses, and learns best in different ways. In order to build on individual capabilities and help students to learn and teachers to create an inclusive learning environment, each of our courses provides a range of components and methodologies that help you to meet the needs of everyone in your classroom.


Great Thinkers ensures inclusion of all students in group work through whole class engagement activities, such as the Great Learners, Great Thinkers sections which are based on Social and Emotional Learning, Critical Thinking and documentary videos.

  • Great Thinkers offers differentiated materialsto ensure that students of all language levels receive the necessary level of challenge and support.
  • Reach Higher pages in the Student’s Book provide additional challenge.

  • The Student’s Appoffers On-the-Go Practice which encourages autonomous practice and allows students to work at their own pace.



Differentiated materials or alternative tasks for activities where students will benefit from different levels of challenge and support.

  • Flipped Classroom Videos give students the chance to ‘pre-study’ the grammar for the following lesson, thus allowing them to study at their own pace.

  • Reach Higher activities in the Student’s Book cater to more confident students who are more likely to finish activities in the core units earlier.
  • A star-rating system in the Workbook enables teachers to set suitable tasks according to the language level of their individual students.
  • Grammar Savvy pages in the Workbook are specifically designed for the mixed-language-level class. The pages offer grammar practice at two different levels of difficulty.
  • On-the-Go Practice allows students to work autonomously to reinforce the content covered in class.

  • Unit, mid- and end-of-year progress tests offer grammar, vocabulary and skills revision at two levels.
  • Extra grammar practice worksheets provide grammar revision at two levels of difficulty.
  • The Test Generator allows teachers to custom-build their own tests according to their students’ needs.


Solutions for ensuring all students are involved and engaged in group work and whole-class teaching.

  • Collaborative projects offer the opportunity for students to work at their own pace within mixed-language-level groups.

  • Documentary videos can be watched with the whole class and have a subtitles option for students who need more support whilst viewing.
  • Great Leaners, Great Thinkers pages move away from linguistic and comprehension skills practice to focus on elements such as Social and Emotional Learning, and creativity and critical thinking. This puts an emphasis on non-linguistic knowledge and personalisation.

  • Peer review, pair and group work tasks appear throughout the Student’s Book so students can work together in mixed-language-level or same-level pairs and groups.



Simple and practical tips and tools to allow teachers to manage the class with confidence.

  • Mixed-ability teaching tips appear throughout the Teacher’s notes in the Teacher’s Book allowing teachers to easily adapt activitiesfor mixed-language-level classes.

  • Professional development videos offer teachers helpful teaching tips, including suggestions and ideas for mixed-language-level classes.
  • Extra activities in the Teacher’s Book offer suggestions for how teachers can extend Student’s Book activities or lower or increase the level of challenge.
  • Fast finisher activities in the Teacher’s Book provide extra tasks teachers can use to occupy fast-finishing students, while students who need more support complete the main activity.
  • The Teacher’s App allows teachers to assign work to students according to their needs and monitor progress.

Want some additional practical tips and ideas on how to create an inclusive learning environment? Visit our Únicos page, where a range of experts share their experience and offer practical advice.


A linguistic, cultural and virtual exchange that motivates students through authentic communication.

Connect your class with another in a different part of the world and motivate them to develop linguistic, intercultural and social and personal competences in a real world situation.

How does it work?

Two classes in different countries register to be paired according to their school timetable and level. Teachers connect their classes in empatico’s secure digital environment and students share joint Great Learners Great Thinkers projects.

What are the benefits for your students?

  • Promotes digital competences
  • Develops social and emotional skills
  • Practises communication and linguistic skills
  • Broadens intercultural knowledge and understanding
  • Creates a plurilingual environment and encourages use of linguistic mediation


One of the most memorable parts of my high school experience.” (Student)


“I would recommend it to every school! We will keep in contact with the Estonian school we were matched with and we plan to do a lot of things together!” (Teacher)




Teacher’s App:


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