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Kids Can! is a LOMLOE-compliant Primary course that helps every child to discover the connection between what they love and what they can learn to do in English!

  • Kids Can! sparks pupilsā€™ curiosity!
    Curiosity is the spark that motivates children to learn. Kids Can! invites children to ask questions, develop an awareness of how language works through plurilingual strategies, explore cross-curricular topics, and develop a responsible attitude towards sustainability. All of these engage childrenā€™s natural curiosity and inspire a passion for learning.
  • Ā Kids Can! inspires pupilsā€™ creativity!
    Creative expression plays a key role in childrenā€™s emotional development, and in Kids Can! pupils can explore, develop and share their own imagination and ideas to create something new, by incorporating activities including art, dance, poetry, creative thinking, problem solving and critical thinking.
  • Kids Can! develops real communicative competence!
    Real world content and videos with real children ignite pupilsā€™ natural curiosity to discover more about the world around them. Kids Can! gives pupils a purpose to communicate and to develop linguistic mediation skills which facilitate mutual understanding in everyday situations, and helps children become confident speakers.
  • Kids Can! fosters collaboration!
    Cooperative learning and working together on projects build social and emotional skills. In Kids Can!, Social & Emotional Learning and values are contextualised in stories, and build cultural awareness to help pupils grow up to be inquisitive, kind and responsible global citizens.
  • Kids Can! supports and celebrates inclusion!
    Kids Can! has teachersā€™ needs and their pupilsā€™ needs at its heart, and offers carefully designed content, digital resources, tools and tips, and adapted materials for mixed ability classes. This easy-to-use course offers real support and helps create an inclusive climate in class ā€“ where every childā€™s interests and talents are celebrated and every childā€™s needs are supported.

Alignment with the LOMLOE

At Macmillan Education we strive to be by your side with the materials you need, thatā€™s why all of our courses meet the requirements of the LOMLOE, and we have created an area with useful information and a LOMLOE Help DeskĀ here.



ā€œEngaging our pupilsā€™ curiosity is just where learning begins!ā€


Mark Ormerod is an EFL teacher specialising in primary education.Ā  He is interested in using drama and mini dialogues to develop childrenā€™s confidence and language skills. Mark was Head of Macmillan Educationā€™s Teacher Training Department from 2001 to 2005.Ā  He has subsequently gone on to write teaching resources for Macmillan Education. He is co-author of the Primary course books Kids Can!, Find Out!, Tiger and Heroes. He has also written several of Macmillanā€™s Childrenā€™s Readers, as well as the holiday workbook series, Holiday World.

ā€œThis is the book that I would have loved to have used in the classroom!ā€


Donna is a teacher and materials writer for primary age pupils. Committed to teaching and with a keen interest in educational issues, she is also undertaking a part-time doctorate, researching creativity in the primary ELT classroom. Donna is the co-author of a number of ELT primary courses for Macmillan Education, including Kids Can!, New High Five!, Heroes and Footprints.

Kids Can is LOMLOE-ready.

Not convinced? See for yourself how it responds to all of the LOMLOE requirements.

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Check out our LOMLOE website where you’ll find all the information you need as well as a dedicated helpdesk where we’ll respond to any queries you may have.


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How Kids Can!Ā helps you create an inclusive learning environment

We know each learner has different strengths and weaknesses, and learns best in different ways. In order to build on individual capabilities, helping students to learn and teachers to create an inclusive learning environment, each of our courses provides a range of components and methodology that helps you to meet the needs of everyone in your classroom.


  • Kids Can! strives to create an inclusive classroom climate, where every childā€™s interests and talents are celebrated and their needs are supported.
  • Every ability is addressed through scaffolded tasks which support and guide children of all abilities through their learning journey.
  • The ā€˜every-abilityā€™ icons remind the teacher that there are alternative outcomes for certain activities to ensure that every pupil has the chance to participate and learn.
  • The Something for Everyone pack for teachers contains worksheets at 3 levels and the unit, termly and end-of-year exams exam comes in standard and higher levels.
  • The course characters come from different ethnic backgrounds and the artwork depicts an inclusive environment, taking care to include children with glasses and children with physical handicaps.
  • The stories are crafted around Social and Emotional Learning aspects and include making new friends, working together and helping the community.


  • Activity Book / Essentials Activity Book: the option of two Activity Books, one standard and one with a greater emphasis on receptive skills for pupils who need more reinforcement and consolidation, allows teachers to choose which version is more suitable for each learner.

  • Kids Can! Extra Fun: this component includes a range of fun activities to motivate all kinds of learners.

  • Test Generator: this digital component allows teachers to personalise the tests for their pupils.

  • Something for Everyone pack: this includes worksheets of three different levels.
  • Unit, termly and end-of-year tests with baseline and higher-level versions.

Want some additional practical tips and ideas on how to create an inclusive learning environment? Visit our ƚnicos page, where a range of experts share their experience and offer practical advice.

Navio: The digital solution for teaching and learning English.

Pupils personalise their own avatar before becoming immersed in a 3D world that they discover as they complete activities in English, gaining rewards and knowledge as they go, accompanied by their avatar guides. With intuitive navigation and a gamified environment, pupils are motivated to progress through the levels.

Teachers enjoy a seamless transition between the course book and digital teaching activities, with the option to track both individual and class progress and allocating additional rewards and points. With both online and offline access to the Macmillan Education Teacherā€™s App.

Families feel reassured knowing that children are practising English in a safe and enjoyable digital environment, strengthening the home-school connection.

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Download sample material from Kids Can! and try it for yourself. Weā€™re confident you will love what you find!


Have a look at a unit ofĀ Kids Can to see how it can improve your classes.

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