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Get to know Kids Can!

A 6-Level British English course for Primary.


Kids Can! is a LOMLOE-compliant Primary course that helps every child to discover the connection between what they love and what they can learn to do in English!

With specific content for Andalusia.

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Learning starts in the heart


Spark pupils’ curiosity

Encourage children to ask questions and develop an awareness of how language works through cross-curricular topics, plurilingual strategies and an introduction to sustainability, inspiring their passion for learning.

Inspire pupils’ creativity

Support children’s emotional development by encouraging them to explore their imagination and develop their ideas through art, dance, poetry, critical thinking and problem solving.

Develop real communicative competence

Ignite pupils’ natural curiosity with real world content and videos and give them a purpose to practise linguistic mediation skills, helping them to become confident speakers.

Foster collaboration

Promote cooperative learning through projects and Social & Emotional skills and values with stories that develop cultural awareness and help create responsible global citizens.

Support and celebrate inclusion

An easy-to-use course that offers you the range of materials you need to put learners at the heart in mixed ability classes and create an inclusive climate where every child’s talents are celebrated and every learner’s needs are supported.



Meet the Authors

Mark Ormerod
Engaging our pupils’ curiosity is just where learning begins!”

Mark is an EFL teacher specialising in primary education, co-author of Kids Can!, Find Out!, Tiger and Heroes. He has also written several of Macmillan Education’s Children’s Readers and the holiday workbook series Holiday World.

Donna Shaw
This is the book that I would have loved to have used in the classroom!”

Donna is a teacher and materials writer for primary age pupils with a keen interest in educational issues. She is the co-author of a number of ELT primary courses for Macmillan Education, including Kids Can!, New High Five!, Heroes and Footprints.

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Kids Can! is LOMLOE-ready

Everything you need to meet the requirements of the new educational law.


At Macmillan Education we have accompanied teachers through several educational reforms, and the changes brought in with the LOMLOE is no exception. As experts in education and leaders in investigation and innovation, we constantly strive to be by your side with the materials you need.


How does Kids Can! make sure that you are all set for the LOMLOE??


Competency-based learning

Kids Can! works on both Key Competences and Specific Foreign Language Competences. All units include activities to work on oral and written comprehension and production, interaction, mediation, multilingualism and interculturality.

Learning situations

All Kids Can! Units encourage pupils to solve problems creatively and cooperatively on the opening questions and through the Projects, the Curiosity Corner and Creativity Corner sections, reinforcing self-esteem, autonomy, critical spirit and responsibility. The lesson plans also offer suggestions to extend these learning situations, linking them to the Values and SDGs and cross-curricular content.

Formative Assessment

Kids Can! includes multiple formative assessment tools, such as the ‘Review’ sections at the end of each unit or the termly reviews. Also included are self-assessment activities for the unit project, assessment rubrics and rating scales for each unit which are included in the lesson plans.


Learn more about how Kids Can! responds to all of the LOMLOE requirements!

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Descubriendo la LOMLOE

Check out our LOMLOE website where you’ll find all the information you need as well as a dedicated helpdesk where we’ll respond to any queries you may have.


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Ready to teach in any scenario

Digital solutions that make teaching and learning even easier.


Kids Can!’s digital tools help you plan and deliver your lessons, and enhance learning as pupils improve their communicative, collaborative and digital competences.


For Teachers

Everything you need in one place

Whatever your digital literacy level, whatever your teaching style, device, connectivity or class setup, you will have the flexibility to teach the way you want.

From correcting homework assignments to tracking individual and whole class progress and projecting a wide range of extra material in class to engage pupils , you will be ready for any scenario.


Kids Can!


MEE, your platform for innovative content, tools and resources

Enhance your lessons and make your classes even more engaging!  Macmillan Education Teacher App can help you to achieve  a seamless transition between your coursebook and interactive digital activities.


For Pupils & Families

Create a home-school link in a safe and motivating environment.

Motivation is the key to learning but not always easy to achieve. Encourage learning taking into account the interest and hobbies of today’s children and teenagers through content that adapts to their evolving needs at each stage of their learning. All within a completely safe and user-friendly learning environment.


Navio: They think they’re playing. We know they’re learning

The Pupil’s App offers an immersive 3D world in which learners can create their own avatars and are motivated to explore, practicing and reviewing acquired language through gamified activities in order to gain points. Whether in class or at home, children can track their own progress and families can rest assured that they are learning in a safe environment.



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Everything you need to put pupils at the heart of learning

Flexible print and digital materials for every ability.



Pupil’s Book with Digital Pupil’s Book

Foster children’s natural curiosity and creativity to develop their communicative competences, collaborative skills and socio-emotional development – in print and digital format.

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Unit Tour:

Have a look at a unit of Kids Can! to see how it can improve your classes.


Activity Book and Essential Activity Book with Digital Activity Book

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The perfect companion to the Pupil’s Book, with aligned activities that reinforce content covered in class, offering extra practice and support for every ability.

Capital Letters Edition

An edition of the Pupil’s Book with all text in capital letters to support pupils with consolidating reading and writing skills.

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Extra Fun!

imagen Kids Can!

Encourage the joy of learning with a magazine-style booklet full games, puzzles and fun activities that will spark pupils’ curiosity.


Digital Material

  • Digital Pupil’s and Digital Activity & Essential Activity Book: Page-faithful, interactive versions of the coursebook with embedded activities and multimedia.
  • Pupil’s Resource Center: Access to all the multimedia and additional content from the coursebook.
  • Pupil’s App on Navio: An immersive 3D world that offers motivating, gamified practice in a safe environment.

imagen Kids Can!

Dive in to Kids Can! with samples from every level!


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Everything you need to spark your pupils’ curiosity

A wide range of digital and print components to make your lessons even more engaging.


Teacher’s Book

Your trustworthy guide to getting the most out of Kids Can! and making learning engaging and fun for your pupils.

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Adaptation Pack

imagen Kids Can!

Smooth the transition between Pre-Primary and Primary with tips and ideas to help little ones settle to their environment, establish routines and review key language. (Level 1)

Teacher’s Resource Box

  • Something for Everyone pack with worksheets at 3 levels.
  • Flashcards, word cards and story cards (Levels 1&2).
  • Class puppet that magically turns into a mini-rucksack! (Levels 1&2).

imagen Kids Can!

Digital Material

  • Teacher’s App: An innovative digital platform that provides everything you need, at the click of a button:
    • Classroom Presentation Kit: An interactive page-faithful view of the coursebooks for use in the classroom, as well as projectable versions of the flashcards and wordcards.
    • Magic Phonics (levels 1 & 2): A fun and dynamic tool to help pupils practise pronunciation.
    • Teacher’s Resource Center: All additional resources in one place: Something for Everyone booklet, worksheets and tests for every ability, lesson planning support, Teacher Development videos, multimedia from the course and more.
    • Test Generator: Create and customise tests to meet needs of the class.
  • Navio: Access to the immersive Pupil’s App with gamified activities for engaging lessons.
  • Progress Tracker: monitor whole class and individual progress in order to offer personalised learning support.
  • Let’s Get Digital the Macmillan Education Guide to Developing Digital Competences: Digital extension activities to help you get more out of your course content and the Bonus Track: a series of tips for educating responsible digital citizens.
  • Kahoot Quizzes organised by CEFR level with Primary-appropriate topics.
  • Advantage by Macmillan Education: Exclusive access to a wide range of resources and Professional Development opportunities.


Dive in to Kids Can! with samples from every level!



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