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A highly flexible English course for adults that takes the complexity out of teaching English.


Macmillan English Hub is a general English course for adults designed to be highly flexible and motivating for adult learners. Through its blended materials, Macmillan English Hub empowers adult learners to learn English at their convenience, whenever and wherever they choose.



Learning made meaningful; teaching made simple


Teacher support

Teach straight off the page with Macmillan English Hub’s easy-to-prepare lessons and interleaved Teacher’s Book with answers annotated on the student pages.

Clear learning outcomes

Macmillan English Hub’s clear learning outcomes are achieved through relevant and engaging activities using a robust skills and language CEFR-aligned syllabus.

Meaningful communication

Macmillan English Hub helps learners bridge the gap between the classroom and the real world by developing their productive skills with meaningful communicative activities. The Writing lessons in the Student’s Book help learners improve their communicative writing skills and cover a range of genres aligned to the topic in each unit of the course.

Comprehensive video input

Macmillan English Hub’s engaging video content includes the sitcom-style videos in the Café Hub as well as authentic English videos from The Guardian, providing realistic models for language production.

Linguistic Mediation

A full offer of Interlinguistic and Intralinguistic activities for each unit as well as evaluation rubrics available on Advantage. Find out more

Complete digital offer

Our fully-flexible digital offer adapts to teachers’ needs in different teaching contexts. The innovative Student App provides students with engaging on-the-go practice activities, while the new eplanner tool helps teachers to plan ahead.


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Ready to teach in any scenario

Digital solutions that help you plan and deliver your lessons, and offer adult learners a motivating and flexible way to practise English.


For Teachers

Everything you need in one place

Whatever your digital literacy level, whatever your teaching style, device, connectivity or class setup, you will have the flexibility to teach the way you want.

The Teacher’s App, on Macmillan Education Everywhere, provides you with everything you need to plan and deliver engaging lessons, and follow students’ individual and group progress.

  • Teacher’s Presentation Kit Interactive versions of the coursebooks for fully flexible teaching.
  • Teacher’s Resource Centre Extensive teaching resources including multimedia, worksheets and more.
  • Test Generator Tailor-made tests at the click of a button.
  • Homework Manager With push-notifications to the Student App for assignments.
  • Videos Original sitcom-style series Café Hub and authentic documentary video material from The Guardian.
  • ePlanner Map out your lessons and organise your classes in advance.


For Students

Fully flexible solutions for busy adult learners.

An attractive and flexible digital solution that allows students to study on the go, using any device, with access to a wide range of relevant and engaging content.

The Student’s App, accessible from any device, includes everything adult learners need to perfect their English, with interactive content and integrated multimedia.

  • Digital Student’s Book
  • Digital Workbook
  • Digital Videobook
  • Preparation and Practice


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Solutions that enable adult learners to learn English on their own terms

Highly flexible and easy to use print and digital materials designed to boost motivation and build learners’ confidence and effective communication in a variety of situations relevant to adult learners.


Blended Solution

The following print components

Student’s Book

The Student’s Book has been carefully designed to keep adults learners’ interests and daily realities in mind, with motivating and relevant content.

Video Book

Included with the Student’s book, this unique component offers a carefully curated selection of video literacy activities to accompany the use of the rich video offer, including content from the Guardian and the original sitcom series, Café Hub.


The perfect companion to the Student’s Book, with activities that reinforce content covered in class and extra practice.

A licence to the Student’s App

For the interactive, digital versions of these components and additional tools and resources.

Fully Digital Solution

  • Digital Student’s Book: A fully interactive version of the Student’s Book.
  • Digital Videobook: A fully interactive version of the Digital Videobook.
  • Digital Workbook: A fully interactive version of the Workook.
  • On-The-Go practice: To practise the content of each unit anytime and anywhere.
  • Student’s Resource Centre: All additional resources from the course, including videos, audios, transcripts and more.


Unit Tour:

Have a look at a unit of Macmillan English Hub Iberia Edition to see how it can improve your classes.



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Fully flexible solutions to make teaching simple

Print and digital materials for face-to-face or blended courses to help you simplify the complexity of teaching English and motivate adult learners.



Teacher's Book

Your trustworthy guide to getting the most out of Macmillan English Hub and ensuring your students’ successfully learn English, with an access code to the Teacher’s App.

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Digital Material

Teacher’s App

  • Teacher’s eBook: A fully interactive version of the Student’s Book.
  • Teacher’s Resource Centre: Access to all the resources from the coursebook.
  • Classroom Presentation Kit: An interactive page-faithful view of the coursebooks for use in the classroom.
  • Digital Student’s Book: The fully digital version of the Student’s Book.
  • Digital Workbook: The fully digital version of the Workbook.
  • ePlanner: Map out your lessons and organise your classes in advance.
  • Advantage by Macmillan Education: Exclusive access to Linguistic Mediation Activities, for each unit and level of the course, as well as a wide range of extra resources and Professional Development opportunities.

Sample Material

Download sample material from Macmillan English Hub and try it for yourself. We’re confident you will love what you find!

Coursebook Resources

Additional resources to supplement your coursebook: videos, audio files, flashcards, worksheets… giving you endless options for adapting your classes to you and your students’ needs.

Resource Hub

A wealth of articles, videos, tips and practical classroom activities to give your classes that personal touch. Click below to see a sample of some of the tools you will have access to.

And much more…

Exclusive tools and resources to make the most of your classes and give you the support you need.