CNMC judgement

2019-06-03 05:24:26

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CNMC judgement

Macmillan Iberia has received and noted the findings of the Spanish Competition Authority (Comisión Nacional de los Mercados y la Competencia, CNMC). The company intends to appeal against the decision of the Commission.

At Macmillan Iberia we pride ourselves on our high ethical standards and the high level of service and value that we offer to schools and teachers in Spain.

By the time the Anele Code of Conduct – which is the subject of this infringement – was drawn up and approved in 2012, Macmillan Iberia already had its own rules governing matters such as bribery and corruption, and this included a commercial policy for gifts. Macmillan Iberia’s commercial policy and actions were therefore unaffected by Anele’s Code of Conduct.

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