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Improve your English, boost your Prospects

An inspiring upper-secondary course that combines exam preparation with a strong focus on life skills development to guarantee students’ academic and personal success.

  • Integral critical thinking and life skills syllabus deals with issues that are relevant for Bachillerato students in and outside the classroom.

  • Vital videos in every unit expose students to English from around the globe through thought-provoking and engaging topics and include authentic documentary videos from The Guardian and Reuters. 

  • Invaluable practice material for EBAU and external exams, including a specific EBAU practice section in the Student’s Book, ensures effective exam-taking.

  • Extensive vocabulary syllabus expands students’ lexical bank, equipping them for both exam-taking and real-life use. Aim Higher Grammar and Vocabulary sections offer an added challenge for students wanting to extend their language knowledge.

  • Student’s and Teacher’s Resource Centres. All the digital and supplementary materials necessary for teaching and learning in one, easy-to-access location. Test Generator in Teacher’s Resource Centre for level 2 for Upper-Secondary and University Entrance Exam practice.

Alignment with the LOMLOE
At Macmillan Education we have accompanied teachers through several educational reforms, and the changes brought in with the LOMLOE will be no exception. As experts in education and leaders in investigation and innovation, we constantly strive to be by your side with the materials you need.


A freelance teacher, editor and materials developer teaches exam preparation classes and academic writing at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. He is author of Macmillan Education’s Prospects, the new course for Bachillerato.



Ready for any scenario

The ways in which we teach and learn are continually evolving, making not just what we teach but how we teach more important than ever. In class, at home, or mixed modality, Macmillan Education can provide you with the 360Âş print, digital and service to meet your teaching needs.

Flexible learning solutions

Get the most out of your course with material that fits any teaching or learning scenario.

  • Classic print books with exam preparation practice and advice.
  • Interactive Digital Student’s Books and Digital Workbooks providing a rich, customisable learning experience – compatible with your school platform.
  • Student’s Resource Centre with extra self-study practice and multimedia content.
  • Online-offline Teacher’s Resource Centre:
    – Classroom Presentation Kit
    – Test Generator
    – Homework setting function + automatic marking and tracking
  • Extra resources with Macmillan Advantage.


First rate technical support

  • Digital welcome pack with quick-start online training + intuitive tutorial videos to get started with your new digital materials.
  • Support for multiple operating systems and devices.
  • Fast and friendly customer service via our free digital support phone-line with callback service + our FAQs website.


The Macmillan Education Promise

To help you teach confidently in any scenario, we provide ongoing professional development webinars, instructional videos and blogs on our website and via Macmillan Advantage.

  • Online expert training in a wide range of teaching skills.
  • Rapid access to customised digital solutions for remote teaching.
  • Access to additional resources for use in class.




Have a look at a unit of Prospects to see how it can improve your classes.

Coursebook Resources

Additional resources to supplement your coursebook: videos, audio files, flashcards, worksheets… giving you endless options for adapting your classes to you and your students’ needs.

Resource Hub

A wealth of articles, videos, tips and practical classroom activities to give your classes that personal touch. Click below to see a sample of some of the tools you will have access to.

And much more…

Exclusive tools and resources to make the most of your classes and give you the support you need.