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A comprehensive upper-secondary course that prepares students for exams and for real life.


Future / Exam Prospects is a LOMLOE-compliant course which combines exam preparation with a strong focus on developing real-life competences to guarantee learners’ academic and personal success.


Helping you succeed in an ever-changing world


Supports you with teaching and evaluating in a more competential way 

Students develop competences in key areas such as oral and written communication and Linguistic Mediation, while also preparing fully for external and university entrance exams. Future / Exam Prospects offers training in the critical thinking skills needed for academic and personal success.

Offers a flexible vocabulary and grammar syllabus

Including Aim Higher sections and a Build your Vocabulary strand in the Workbook, Future / Exam Prospects provides an appropriate level of challenge for every ability and equips students for success in both exam taking and real life

Provides new Learning situations

Students are encouraged to collaboratively plan, research, evaluate and problem solve, while exploring real-life topics and improving digital competence

Contains a rich video offer 

Students are exposed to authentic English from around the world, developing  intercultural competence, improving critical thinking, generating awareness of sustainability and boosting the skills needed for academic success.

With a fully flexible digital offer 

Your teaching needs are met in any teaching scenario, while the new Student’s App makes language practice easy and enjoyable for students, allowing them to do their homework on their preferred device and keeping them motivated with gamified activities. Future / Exam Prospects includes online Assessment for increased flexibility




Meet the Author

Eoin Higgins


A freelance teacher, editor and materials developer teaches exam preparation classes and academic writing at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. He is author of Macmillan Education’s Future / Exam Prospects, the new course for Bachillerato.

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Future / Exam Prospects is LOMLOE-ready

Everything you need to meet the requirements of the new educational law.


At Macmillan Education we have accompanied teachers through several education reforms, and the changes brought in with the LOMLOE will be no exception. As experts in education and leaders and investigation and innovation, we constantly strive to be by your side with the materials you need.

How does Future / Exam Prospects make sure that you are LOMLOE-ready?


Competency-based learning

Future / Exam Prospects works on both Key Competences and Specific Competences of the Foreign Language subject. All the units include activities to work on oral and written comprehension and production skills, interaction, mediation, multilingualism and interculturality.

Learning situations

In the innovative Learning Situations section of Future / Exam Prospects, students work together to engage with and reflect on a real-world problem with a focus on a Sustainable Development Goal. They carry out in-depth research into the topic, analyse and plan a solution, and take action by creating a final product. Each of the four steps ends with a task, which develops students’ digital competence among others and feeds into the final task. The Learning situations end with a peer evaluation task. The Programaciones also offer links of these learning situations with values and SDGs and cross-curricular content.

Formative Assessment

Future / Exam Prospects includes multiple formative assessment tools, such as the ‘Progress Check’ and Cumulative practice’ sections at the end of each unit in the Student’s Book, and the ‘Peer evaluation’ sections. The Programaciones also offer Evaluation Rubrics for each unit, as well as general Evaluation Criteria Rubrics and Key Competences Rubrics. There are also Rubrics for each one of the four steps in the Learning Situations.


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Descubriendo la LOMLOE

Check out our LOMLOE website where you’ll find all the information you need as well as a dedicated helpdesk where we’ll respond to any queries you may have.


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Ready to teach in any scenario

Digital solutions that make teaching and learning even easier.


Future / Exam Prospects’ digital tools help you plan and deliver your lessons, and enhance learning as pupils improve their communicative, collaborative and digital competences.


For Teachers

Everything you need in one place

Whatever your digital literacy level, whatever your teaching style, device, connectivity or class setup, you will have the flexibility to teach the way you want.

From correcting homework assignments to tracking individual and whole class progress and projecting a wide range of extra material in class to engage students, you will be ready for any scenario.


Kids Can!


MEE, your platform for innovative content, tools and resources

Enhance your lessons and make your classes even more engaging!  Macmillan Education Teacher App can help you to achieve  a seamless transition between your coursebook and interactive digital activities.


For Students

Create a home-school link in a safe and motivating environment.

Motivation is the key to learning but not always easy to achieve. Encourage learning taking into account the interest and hobbies of today’s students through content that adapts to their evolving needs at each stage of their learning. All within a completely safe and user-friendly learning environment.

MEE Student App, keep students motivated

The Student’s App provides learners with access to extra activities, a page-faithful version of their book and enables learning on the move with quick and flexible opportunities for practice and a rewards system to keep them motivated.



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Everything your students need to prepare for the future

Print and digital materials that get teenagers ready for exams and for life.


Each component of this course meets the needs of your students at such a crucial time as bachillerato.

Student’s Book

Equip students for the future and for exams through the development of real-life competences that guarantee personal and academic success.

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Unit Tour:

Have a look at a unit of Future / Exam Prospects to see how it can improve your classes.



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With exam practice and access to the Digital Workbook and the Student’s App.

Digital Material

  • Digital Student’s Book: The fully digital version of the student’s book.
  • Digital Workbook: With gamified activities to motivate students and work on digital competence.
  • On-The-Go practice: A fun and easy way for students to practice vocabulary and grammar anytime, anywhere in a gamified environment.
  • Student’s Resource Centre: With worksheets, audios for listening practice, grammar reference and practice, and wordlists.

Everything you need to improve your students’ Future / Exam Prospects

Digital and print materials to successfully prepare your students in facing the challenges of bachillerato and life.

Teacher’s Book

Your trustworthy guide to getting the most out of Future / Exam Prospects and equip your students with the skills they need for the future.

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Digital Material

Teacher’s App

  • Classroom Presentation Kit: An interactive page-faithful view of the Student’s Book and Workbook.
  • Homework Notification: Keep track of your class homework.
  • Teacher’s Resource Centre: Access to multiple tools for flexible teaching.
  • EBAU Test Generator: Create and customise tests to prepare your students for one of the most important exams of their life.
  • Advantage by Macmillan Education: Exclusive access to a wide range of resources and Professional Development opportunities.


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