• Work-Life Balance Plan
    We operate in accordance with a Work-Life Balance Plan (Plan Concilia), which aims to enable professional development while respecting employees’ work-life balance. We adhere to Springer Nature’s global work from home policy, and are in the process of adapting it to our needs locally. This plan will allow employees greater flexibility and work-life balance.
  • Regulations for fair and respectful treatment of employees
    Our rules and procedures are focused on promoting respect for the individual, welcoming diversity, promoting equal opportunities, prohibiting discrimination and maintaining safe and healthy working conditions.
  • Equality Plan
    Macmillan Iberia instated its Equality Commission in 2021 in order to achieve equal treatment and opportunities between men and women in positions occupied, training received internal promotions, salary, work-life balance plans available, sexual harassment prevention and gender discrimination.
    This plan was created further to and extensive diagnosis of the current climate and conditions in Macmillan Iberia.
  • Employee Satisfaction Survey
    We carry out an annual employee satisfaction survey, as well as other ad hoc internal surveys.