Matthew Johnson - The positive assessment cycle

18:00 - 19:00, 09 June 2020

When we think of assessment, we often think of test or exam, and, when we think of test or exam, we don’t think happy thoughts! There are many reasons, however, why assessment should be viewed as a positive thing for both learners and teachers if we just reframe how we think of it. Assessment seen as an opportunity for learners to demonstrate what they know or can do and as something done for them and not to them can have a very powerful effect. Assessment is a diagnostic tool for both learner and teacher and should take its rightful place at the heart of the learning process, not only at the end of it. In this webinar, we well see ways in which we can integrate assessment for learning into our daily teaching practice and exploit assessment of learning to develop learners’ language skills.

Matthew Johnson is a lecturer in English language teaching and bilingual education at the Centro Universitario Cardenal Cisneros and on the Master’s programme at the Franklin Institute. He collaborates as a teacher trainer for publishers, schools and educational authorities. His areas of interest are bilingual education, fostering communication in the classroom, learner training, and formative assessment.