Ket Pet Testbuilder

Grammar, vocabulary and skills for exams

Ideal for pupils preparing for the Cambridge Young Learners.

  • The Young Learners English Skills books give structured and incremental practice of the grammar, vocabulary and skills needed for the Cambridge Young Learners exam requirements at each level.
  • Lively, colourful material animates learning and helps pupils relate to the texts.
  • Manageable-length books contain sufficient material for a school year, and the Test Generator extends the material further and makes it more flexible.
  • ¬†Comprehensive teacher‚Äôs notes provide extra material for consolidation and a pack of online resources provides additional teaching support.

Tailored content and Practice for Ket + Pet for schools

Two Testbuilders with tailored content and practice for this younger age group and these school-targeted tests.

  • Includes a four complete practice tests with a full range of¬†KET and PET¬†for Schools task types.
  • Paper-specific exercises develop exam techniques and build confidence in all exam question types.
  • Further practice and guidance pages focus on common problemas in the exams.
  • Incorporates useful language and ideas for the speaking test and model answers for the Writing tasks.
  • Complete answer key with useful explanations is provided.