Macmillan Rubrics Generator


The Macmillan Rubrics Generator is ideal for competence-based evaluation of:

  • Listening comprehension: strategies, hypotheses, clues.
  • Role-play: dialogues and presentations. Speaking and spoken interaction: use of specific communicative functions, socio-cultural aspects, frequently used syntax and lexis, etc.
  • Different types of Reading comprehension use of prior knowledge, etc.
  • Written work and written communication; planning, final result, use of grammar and appropriate semantic elements.
  • English or cross-curricular Projects, eg: school magazine, reports on a school vegetable garden, teamwork on life cycle of plants, recycling to help the environment, etc.
  • Educational school Trips: museums, theatre, general knowledge and culture, etc.
  • School Work or papers about celebrations, comparisons of festivals among different cultures, end of term plays, etc.
  • Inter-school Collaborative projects: respect for the environment, healthy habits etc. ‘I recyle, do you?’, ‘Save water, NOW!’
  • Reading and literacy improvement and motivation programs.
  • Individualized attention programmes: revision, extension.
  • Macmillan Teacher’s Corner activities done in class.

The Macmillan Rubrics Generator gives you default text for Contents, Learning Outcomes and Achievement Levels so you only need choose those which interest you to make a competence-based evaluation rubric for any piece of Work, Project or activity.