The Springboard Connect Reading Programme offers a collection of fiction and non-fiction titles that meet the ever-changing needs of students from 4.5 – 9 years of age.


Developed by literacy experts, this collection helps convert students from beginners to expert readers.

  • Carefully levelled progression, high-frequency words, word counts, phonics, language structures and age-appropriate content.
  • Practice includes listening, reading, speaking, writing, creating and reflecting on a variety of types of text.
  • 150 titles across 30 reading levels.
  • Print and digital format.


For Pupils

A wide selection of titles across 30 reading levels provides flexibility to the dynamic classrooms of today of today’s classrooms.

  • Finely levelled texts within each reading level
  • Controlled high-frequency words
  • A picture book or poetry for each level
  • Engaging fiction and nonfiction texts
  • Striking illustrations and vivid photos that bring the content to life
  • Simple structure for ease of planning.


Explore the collection by age and level:


LEVEL 1 – 10 ( 5 – 8years):

LEVEL 11 – 17 ( 8 – 10 years):

LEVEL 18 – 30 ( 10 – 12 years):

Teacher’s Components

Guide your students to develop their literacy skills with the help of the Springboard Connect teachers’ components.

  •  Guided reading notes for each book.
  •  Three supplementary worksheets for each book (phonics/vocabulary, comprehension, writing).
  •  Scope and sequence documents providing word counts, text types, high-frequency words, vocabulary and language conventions, and phonics focus.
  •  Charts showing correlations to other content areas, e.g. Science.
  •  Suggestions for classroom organisation, for a reading session or a two-week period, using the Connect resources.
  • Assessment activities and record sheets for monitoring progress and reporting requirements.