Max Maths is a Primary school maths course that uses the Singapore Approach to follow the Cambridge Primary maths curriculum framework.


It has been designed for International and English-medium schools and includes the following features to ensure a firm understanding and continued progression:

  • Course for over 6 levels
  • Stimulating and engaging content
  • Scaffolded activities
  • Integrated assessment
  • Language support for non-native English speakers
  • Independent and cooperative learning methods
  • Real world concepts.


For Pupils

  • Student Books 1-6
  • Digital Student Books 1-6
  • Wookbooks 1-6
  • Journals are designed to help involve parents in the learning process, to provide a framework for reflecting on learning and consolidate their classroom learning. Students can gain access to worksheets, workbook and the classroom book online at home.


Teacher’s Components

  • Teacher’s Guides 1-6
    A suggested instructional approach for each chapter and topic, additional class activities, and full Answer Keys.
  • Teacher’s Presentation Kits 1-6
    A suite of easy-to-use, downloadable materials for interactive whiteboards or projectors.
  • Teacher’ Training