Unpack Decimals and Percentages using Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract methodology

08:30 - 18:30, 24 March 2020


Mohi Uddin Ahmed

Mohi Uddin Ahmed is a former Head of Maths and Primary Headteacher who has been leading Singapore Maths Mastery training in England for the last 5 years.

Mohi Uddin has previously led a Maths department which was judged as outstanding by Ofsted as well as being judged to be an outstanding maths teacher. He later became a Primary school Headteacher where he was instrumental in the change of pedagogy in both English and Maths. As a result the school experienced raised standards well above the national average.

Mohi Uddin is now an independent Maths consultant and trainer who specialises in teaching to mastery. Some of his clients have included Maths No Problem, BBC, various Local Education Authorities in England as well as many school across the UK. He has presented in many countries and has his books on Assessment to support Max Maths primary; A Singapore Approach published by Macmillan Education International Curriculum will be available in September 2020.