Thom Kiddle - Professional Development for teachers in the ‘new normal’ Q&A

03 June 2020

In recent weeks many of us have had to rise to the challenge of teaching our courses remotely. As the world starts to loosen some of the strict measures that have been in place, the only thing we can be certain of is that the ‘new normal’ will not be exactly the same as the old normal. With some social distancing measures likely to be in place for a while, what does that mean for us? What new skills do we need to best support our students? How can we continue to develop as professionals in the current climate? Macmillan Education is proud to host this special Q&A with Thom Kiddle, Director of NILE – our teacher development partners.

If you have any questions about the skills we need to teach remotely or about how we can develop ourselves in this new normal,  join us during this live session.

Thom Kiddle has worked at NILE since 2011, after moving back to the UK from Chile where he was head of academic research and educational technology at the Chilean-British University.He has previously worked in Portugal, the UK, Australia and Thailand in language teaching, teacher training and language assessment.He has a Master’s degree in Language Testing from Lancaster University and the Cambridge Delta, and his role at NILE involves strategic and organisational management, and training and consultancy in a range of areas including testing and assessment, learning technologies, materials development and language teaching methodology. Thom is also treasurer and founding director of AQUEDUTO – the Association for Quality Education and Training Online; webmaster for the Testing, Evaluation and Assessment Special Interest Group of IATEFL; and Vice Chair of the Eaquals Board of Trustees.