10:00 - 13:30, 27 April 2024

Come join us at this long-awaited Macmillan Education Teachers’ Day Barcelona 2024 where you will be treated to inspiring, motivating and very practical activities.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn new ideas, share ideas, meet colleagues and discover the latest in teaching methodology:

• Mixed ability • Creativity • Collaboration • Learning situations •and so much more!


Primary Workshops:

Donna Shaw – Kids Can have fun learning

Enjoyment is a powerful tool in the classroom. When children do activities that they enjoy, they are more engaged and motivated to learn. An enjoyable learning environment is also linked to a sense of well-being, helping children to feel safe and encouraging all learners to join in. This practical session introduces a set of principles for promoting enjoyable learning in the language classroom and incorporates a range of effective and easy to use tasks and strategies.

Donna Shaw

Donna is a teacher and materials writer for primary age pupils. Committed to teaching and with a keen interest in educational issues, she is also undertaking a part-time doctorate, researching creativity in the primary ELT classroom. Donna is the co-author of a number of ELT Primary courses for Macmillan Education, including Kids Can!New High Five!, Heroes and Footprints. 



Sky Hedstrom – Explore & Energize: Learning Through Movement  

In this dynamic session, teachers will learn to seamlessly integrate movement and conversation, fostering active participation and deeper engagement among their pupils. The workshop will include a variety of activities, tips, and techniques that emphasize inclusive activities and insights into classroom management. Participants will also learn essential classroom language for guiding creative games and movement activities. We will also look at the mental health benefits of collaboration, empathy, and mindfulness in a classroom where the children spend more and more time out of their chairs.


Schuyler Hedstrom

Since graduating with an English and Drama degree from Dartmouth College, Schuyler has worked as an actor, director and educator. He currently co-runs Acting Impact Theatre Company, and has taught English through Theatre for 20 years in Madrid. He also works as a teacher trainer for Macmillan Education, providing training for Primary and Secondary school teachers.



Secondary Workshops

Anabel Reis – Harnessing learning situations to maximise student participation 

When students have to explain concepts to their peers, they learn how to make content more understandable and also understand it better themselves. In this session, we will look at a range of practical ways to get our students more involved in learning situations through jigsaw activities, peer support, and service-learning projects in school and the wider community.


Anabel Reis

Anabel has been the DoS of a language school in northern Portugal for over twelve years.  A regular speaker at conferences both in Portugal and Spain, she has trained state-school teachers in Portugal as well as Primary teachers in Tunisia. She has a particular interest in fostering motivation, developing students’ collaboration, critical thinking, communication and creative skills, along with other 21st century skills.



Kate Pickering – Taking everyone on the journey: using learning situations in a mixed ability classroom

The workshop will look at practical ideas for how we can use learning situations to structure a series of lessons, and address the challenges of doing this in a class of diverse abilities, interests and needs so that all students can play a part.


Kate Pickering

Kate is a teacher, trainer and writer based in Madrid. She worked at International House for over 20 years and currently teaches English at Comillas University and to FP students at the Centro Formativo San Juan de Dios. She works for Macmillan Education as an author of course books for adults and teens, including “Global”, “Communicate” and the secondary courses “Influence Today/Your Influence Today”and “We Belong”.