Macmillan Online IN FOCUS 2022 Influence Today/Your Influence Today

18:00 - 19:30, 11 May 2022

Key Competences for the 21st Century Learner

In this special series of online events our authors and ELT experts will explore key methodological concepts from the LOMLOE and share practical tips on how to implement them in the classroom.

Developing competences, preparing students for life

Things are changing in language education, and there is a growing awareness in the educational community that being able to do things in (and with) a language is just as important as focusing on grammar and vocabulary. However, understandably, implementing change can be challenging.

This talk will explore to what extent a learning situation approach is already present in our classrooms, consider how we can train students in key competences, and look at ideas for student-centred evaluation.  It will include examples from the new Macmillan Education Secondary course, Influence Today/Your Influence Today.


Kate Pickering: Kate is a teacher, trainer and writer based in Madrid. She worked as a manager at International House for over 20 years and currently teaches English at Comillas University. She is the author of course books for adults and teens, including “Global”, “Communicate” and Macmillan Education’s new secondary course “Influence Today/Your Influence Today”.