18:00 - 19:30, 02 June 2020

One activity, many faces

Fast finishers, slow finishers and no finishers… mixed ability classes are and always will be part of every teacher’s daily classroom reality. In this session we will explore ways of extending and reducing typical course book activities across the four main skills, with manageable and realistic learning outcomes to reach all our learners.

David Holmes
After 15 years in the classroom, Dave joined Macmillan’s Teacher Training department in 2005. He then spent 5 years in the Macmillan Training Services team which won the national Asociación de Proveedores de e-Learning prize for digital innovation in education in 2016, and he co-designed the Macmillan Early Learning Project, which reached the finals of the British Council ELTon Awards in the same year. In 2017 he moved to ByME, editing Learn Together Social Science 3 and also authoring FP Básica English 1 & 2. Dave joined the Educational Consultants team in the autumn of 2019.


Keeping it real

The world is a busy place and our primary classroom is no exception. So much to do! So little time! So many opportunities! In this session, we look at fun ideas and activities to motivate our pupils and get them really communicating, (without creating extra work and preparation for us busy teachers!)

Fiona Dunbar
Fiona is the Director of ELI, Málaga.  She has been teaching, training and managing in ELT for some 25 years, mainly in Andalucía.  She has the Cambridge DipTEFLA and is Team Leader for Cambridge English YLE exams.  Fiona loves seeing her students progress and is particularly interested in personalisation, motivation, creativity, learner training and their impact on language acquisition.