18:00 - 19:30, 03 June 2020

Everybody’s got influence

The talk will look at how exercising influence can help young people feel more positive about the future. We’ll examine role models and identify skills needed by the modern influencer. We’ll also look at very practical ideas to enable the teens in our classroom to play their part in shaping the world of the future.

Kate Pickering
Kate is a teacher, trainer and writer based in Madrid. She is the author of coursebooks for adults and teens, including Global and Communicate published by Macmillan Education. She worked as a manager at International House for over 20 years and is currently teaching for Comillas University. She is one of the authors of Macmillan Education’s new secondary course Influence.


Reading for exams; reading for life

Reading is a skill that many students find difficult, especially at Bachillerato level. This session will offer advice on how to motivate students to read. It will look at subskills and strategies to help students process a variety of texts. And it will focus on the ultimate goal of preparing them for EBAU and external exams as well as life beyond.

Schuyler Hedstrom
Schuyler has worked as an actor, director and educator, and has taught theatre to more than 2,000 children. He currently co-runs Acting Impact Theatre Company, and has taught English through Theatre for 15 years in Madrid. He also works as a teacher trainer for Macmillan Education.