17:45 - 19:30, 26 April 2023

Come join us at this long-awaited event where you will be treated to inspiring, motivating and practical ideas for your classes from our teacher trainer expert, Ana Demitroff.

Don’t miss this opportunity to share ideas, meet colleagues, and learn about the latest in teaching methodology!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Real-life communication is the way to go

Communicative and linguistic competence are core features of our English Language classes. In this practical session, we will explore a range of activities and learning situations that build our primary pupils’ confidence, fluency and accuracy. How can we help them develop the skills and attitudes they need in both their social and personal life, and while learning to become successful communicators? 

Workshop Speaker


Ana Demitroff has 36 years of classroom experience in English language teaching,  CLIL and Multilingual Education in the UK, USA and Spain, from first-cycle Pre-Primary to Further (as a Senior Lecturer) and Higher Education. She holds a Master’s in TESOL from the Institute of Education (University of London), the Diploma in TESOL from Waltham Forest College and the Preparatory Certificate from International House (London), as well as the Spanish pre-service qualification, the CAP. She is a module tutor for the CLIL Master’s at the University of Jaen and had taught on the CAP at the Universities of Santiago and Coruña. She has been a speaker and trainer at events and on courses in Spain, Portugal, the UK and Tunisia and currently works as a freelance teacher trainer for Macmillan Education.