17:45 - 19:30, 04 May 2023

Come join us at this long-awaited event where you will be treated to inspiring, motivating and practical ideas for your classes from our teacher trainer expert, Dave Holmes.

Don’t miss this opportunity to share ideas, meet colleagues, and learn about the latest in teaching methodology!

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Unpacking the LOMLOE: a learning situation for us all!

The LOMLOE has brought all kinds of new-sounding concepts to our classrooms. Eighteen months ago we had hardly heard of terms like ‘mediation’, ‘plurilingualism’ and ‘learning situations’!

But are the ideas behind them new? And do they really imply a big change in the way we teach?

In this interactive session we will break each of them down and see how we can use them as opportunities to build on what we already do to encourage authentic, real-world communication in our classes. We will also look at how best to evaluate them.

Workshop Speaker


After 15 years in the classroom, Dave joined Macmillan’s Teacher Training department in 2005. He then spent 5 years in the Macmillan Training Services team which won the national Asociación de Proveedores de e-Learning prize for digital innovation in education in 2016, and he co-designed the Macmillan Early Learning Path, which reached the finals of the British Council ELTon Awards in the same year. In 2017 he moved to ByME, editing Learn Together Social Science 3 and also authoring FP Básica English 1 & 2. Dave joined the Educational Consultants team in the autumn of 2019, specialising in Pre-school, Primary and Bilingualism.