Lucy Crichton - Enjoyment and Engagement in Early Literacy (repeated)

16:00, 06 February 2020



Do you read stories to your students? In this practical webinar, I’d like to share how we can make our course book stories come alive. By encouraging and exploring listening and speaking skills, we are setting down the foundations for later reading. If we use personalization and scaffolding techniques too, we can help young readers connect to the narrative, cultivating a better feeling of belonging to the language, while acquiring a deeper understanding of the task as a whole.

Lucy Crichton

Graduated in Drama, Design and Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Lucy is a teacher, teacher trainer and storyteller who has given lectures and workshops around the world. She has been writing for the primary classroom since 2008 and has been involved in projects for Macmillan in South America, Europe and Asia. She is one of the authors of the Literacy strand for Global Stage. Lucy runs a school in Florianopolis, where she teaches children and teenagers using, music, art, drama, gardening and cooking. She has been living and teaching in Brazil since 1992.