Loraine Kennedy -Direct or Delegate? Which communication style works best? (repeated)

17:00, 26 February 2020



What is your preferred communication style when leading your team? Do you feel most comfortable when directing others, mentoring them, coaching them, or delegating responsibility to them? In today’s dynamic world, everyone needs excellent communication skills. But being an effective communicator is more challenging than one might first think. Most people have a preferred communication style, but the secret to effective communication is not about your own preference, but about understanding the preferences of the people you are communicating with in any given situation. Successful communications depend on people’s personality, values, life experience and on the relationship you have with each other. It also depends on the subject and the context. Leaders need to have adaptive communication skills to get the best from each individual in their team. Most people communicate on a subconscious level, in line with their preferred style. In this webinar we will consider how, by using emotional intelligence, a team leader can most consciously adapt their communication style to influence positive change in team dynamics or individual effectiveness.

Loraine Kennedy

Loraine has been working in International Education since 1987. Following twenty years in management and leadership roles, she has been an independent consultant, coach and trainer since 2011. She. runs leadership development programmes and PLGs (Professional Learning Groups) for busy managers, teacher-trainers and aspiring educational leaders worldwide. Further to her post-graduate qualifications, she qualified as a life and executive coach in 2002 and over the years she has accumulated 1000s of registered hours of professional coaching. She is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), Lead 50/50, and IATEFL’s Leadership & Management Special Interest Group (LAMSIG).