Carol Read - Child’s play? The role of play and games in teaching preschool children

29 April 2020

What’s the difference between play and games? How do play and games contribute to young children’s language learning and overall development? And can they be as easy as ‘child’s play’ to set up and manage with large classes of exuberant, little people embarking on learning English for the first time? In this webinar, we’ll explore all these questions and look at a range of practical ideas and strategies to make the most of play and games for enjoyable and successful learning in the preschool years.

Carol Read has over 30 years’ experience in ELT as a teacher, teacher trainer, academic manager, materials writer and educational consultant. Her main specialization is in early years and primary English language education. Carol’s publications include award-winning titles such as 500 Activities in the Primary Classroom and Tiger Time. Her latest publication is a new, global pre-school course, Big Wheel / Mimi’s Wheel / Ferris Wheel. Carol is a former President of IATEFL. You can find out more about Carol by visiting www.carolread.com.