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Refresh your pupils’ English over the holidays!
Holiday World is available in levels 1-6.

  • Exciting stories, catchy songs, cross-curricular content and listening activities with answers to motivate your pupils and to allow them to monitor their own progress.
  • A progressively more challenging syllabus with clear grammar sections from level three and more mature contexts in levels five and six, reinforces the work that’s been done.
  • Revision sections consolidate language and vocabulary.
  • Picture dictionaries in levels one and two and a glossary in levels three to six, as well as the answer keys provided throughout, help pupils to develop autonomous learning strategies.
  • Tests available on Advantage Website are ideal for evaluating what your pupils have learned over the holidays.


Have a look at a unit of Holiday World to see how it can improve your classes.


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Written specifically for children studying in bilingual or trilingual programmes but also a great way for all children to practice their English in a different context.

  • Fun, exciting stories written by expert children’s storytellers provide an accessible framework for children to revise key aspects of English language as well as important Natural Science, Social Science and Arts & Crafts topics.
  • wide range of engaging activities types, written by experienced teachers, allow children to further review the content. While regular Hands On activities including experiments, investigations, art projects and even recipes help develop children’s creativity.
  • All levels of ByME Holiday Books include a glossary of the key vocabulary: illustrated in Levels 1 and 2 and with a definition in English in Levels 3-6.
  • ByME Holiday Books also come with a digital licence giving access to a free digital component with extra resources for the student and a parent’s guide in Spanish giving parent’s the support they need to help their children study in English.

Books that includes the ColorADD logo ensures the integration of a Colour Blind audience.

Key Revision for Key exam success

Holiday Books

A four-level series of self-study revision books for Secondary with instructions in Castilian or Catalan. The ideal self-study solution for students who need extra help to revise and pass exams. Highly illustrated vocabulary presentation and revision.