Macmillan English in Context

Go for gold with this grammar course ‚Äď the perfect supplement for any young learner course that also develops young learner life skills.

  • Grammar is presented in a¬†child-friendly format¬†through relevant contexts that keep pupils actively involved in learning.
  • The careful staging of the units provides¬†three levels of challenge¬†and success, boosting children‚Äôs learning by helping them to set and achieve manageable goals.
  • The¬†Grammar Workout CD-ROM¬†for pupils reinforces every grammar structure covered in the book through a variety of practice activities and interactive games.
  • Language is clearly contextualised with¬†interactive grammar boxes¬†to clarify meaningThe rich selection of extra material on the¬†Teacher‚Äôs Resource Centre¬†helps teachers structure their lesson plans and adapt to the individual needs of their pupils.

A modern three-level vocabulary and grammar practice series

A modern three-level vocabulary and grammar practice series, written by two of the leading authors for adult and exam courses.

Destination B1 Intermediate
The ideal grammar and vocabulary practice book for intermediate level students.

Destination B2 Upper-Intermediate
Perfect for students preparing to take a B2 level exam such as Cambridge FCE.

Destination C1 & C2 Advanced
Meets the needs of Advanced and ProÔ¨Ā ciency level students preparing to take any of the C1 or C2 level exams, for example the Cambridge CAE or CPE.

A unique three-level grammar practice series that incorporates contextual examples taken from cross-curricular areas and combines them with grammar practice.

  • Up-to-date, real English, informed by the corpora used for the Macmillan School Dictionary.
  • Focus on lexical grammar with work on collocations, prepositions and common verbs.
    Perfect for students preparing to take a B2 level exam such as Cambridge FCE.
  • Unit-by-unit interactive practice exercises.
  • A fully searchable glossary and contextual vocabulary.

A totally different way to keep your teenagers reading and learning English

Macmillan Topics present factual topics in a magazine format with challenging insights into the modern intercultural world from a teenager’s viewpoint.

  • Factual topics in an interesting magazine-style format that motivates students to read in English.
  • Easy-to-integrate school subjects with English language learning.
  • Topics related to science, history and the arts.
  • 10 titles available.