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Aspire to excellence with this seven-level Primary course! Modern lessons are based on a comprehensive grammar syllabus where English is as academic as it is communicative.

  • Strong focus on learning skills, critical thinking and learner autonomy sets students up with skills for life.
  • Improve and perfect pronunciation skills through the integrated Sound and Letters section in each unit.
  • Preparation for future exam success through the CEYL test-style activities and test assessment pack, providing teachers and parents with a measure of their child’s progress and achievement in relation to international English standards.
  • Easy-to-teach material that works straight from the Pupil’s Book with the Teacher’s Book offering clear instruction and ideas for additional activities.
  • Dual-purpose method – building on the traditional four language skills through incorporating a modern and aspirational approach.
  • Academy Stars provides a hands-on, memorable methodology to language learning and helps children become independent learners from an early age.
  • The thought-provoking Values box and Me activities help children develop social values, promote personal reflection and highlight notions of responsibility and consequence.
  • The unique Graphic Grammar animations allow young learners to interact visually with various grammar structures in easy-to-understand contexts.

Students never stop learning with the home-school link component consisting of Pupil’s Practice Kit with gradebook and Parents’ Guide, ensuring a strong student-teacher-parent connection.


• Kathryn Harper
• Gabrielle Pritchard
• Alison Blair
• Jane Cadwallader
• Steve Elsworth
• Jim Rose


Ready for any scenario

The ways in which we teach and learn are continually evolving, making not just what we teach but how we teach more important than ever. In class, at home, or mixed modality, Macmillan can provide you with the 360Âş print, digital and service to meet your teaching needs.

Flexible learning solutions

Get the most out of your course with material that fits any teaching or learning scenario.

  • Classic print books that help develop 21st Century Skills.
  • Interactive Digital Pupil’s Books and Digital Activity Books providing a rich, customisable learning experience – compatible with your school platform.
  • Pupil’s Resource Centre and Pupil’s Practice Kit with additional material and interactive activities.
  • Teacher’s Book and Teacher’s eBook. Access to:

          – Teacher’s Presentation Kit

          – Teacher’s Resource Centre

          – Test Generator

  • Extra resources with Macmillan Advantage.

First rate technical support

  • Digital welcome pack with quick-start online training + intuitive tutorial videos to get started with your new digital materials.
  • Support for multiple operating systems and devices.
  • Fast and friendly customer service via our free digital support phone-line with callback service + our FAQs website.

The Macmillan Promise

To help you teach confidently in any scenario, we provide ongoing professional development webinars, instructional videos and blogs on our website and via Macmillan Advantage.

  • Online expert training in a wide range of teaching skills.
  • Rapid access to customised digital solutions for remote teaching.
  • Access to additional resources for use in class.



Have a look at a unit of Academy Stars to see how it can improve your classes.

Coursebook Resources

Additional resources to supplement your coursebook: videos, audio files, flashcards, worksheets… giving you endless options for adapting your classes to you and your students’ needs.

Teacher’s Corner +

A wealth of articles, videos, tips and practical classroom activities to give your classes that personal touch. Click below to see a sample of some of the tools you will have access to.

And much more…

Exclusive tools and resources to make the most of your classes and give you the support you need.